2019: Resolutions & Updates

December 1, 2019

At the beginning of this year, I posted on my list of “resolutions” here on my blog and I can’t help but look back because I’m obsessed with lists and tracking progress on everything, and also apparently subconsciously judging myself harshly where I fail to measure up (the riches of being in therapy).

I’m learning to be more gentle with myself though, and so I thought I’d look at my little list and celebrate each item, regardless if I’ve accomplished it or not.

2019 Goals

Start and continue my blog
Since the beginning of this year, I posted 44 blogs—30 of which were interviews featuring lovely ladies from the ethical fashion community that I’ve had the privilege to “meet” on Instagram. It’s been an honor to learn from so many iconic women as I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned on my own journey.

Read 12 Books
I am proud to report that I read a grand total of TWO books this calendar year (Inspired and A Year of Biblical Womanhood, both by Rachel Held Evans), and am working through probably my 5th or 6th reading of Til We Have Faces as we speak. I didn’t meet my goal, but I’ve felt more connected to my reading roots than I have in years and to me, that’s something to celebrate.

Learn to sew
I borrowed my mom’s trusty sewing machine in the beginning of the year with high hopes and plans of maybe even sewing my own shell tank at some point during the year. In the end, all I managed to do is a few simple alterations to my hems and waistbands instead of taking them to the tailor, which is more than I did in 2018. I’m proud to learn to care for my clothes and hope to do a lot more mending in 2020.

Be active daily
This has probably been my least active year to date if I’m being honest, but I did also get a membership to a new gym in town that just opened. I’m working in a different office now that brings me past it on my way home so I hope to get myself there twice a week to help built my strength and stamina.

Shop only ethical brands or secondhand
This is the one I’m the most proud of honestly. I’ve shopped exclusively secondhand this entire year and I’m excited to keep going into the new year—the habit is much easier than I thought it would be, and it’s a practical way for me continue to #wearmyconvictions

Implement regular social media breaks
There were a few times this year where I did actually step away from social media for breaks and it was particularly life giving. I was really anxious in the beginning of the year and felt like I needed to be glued to my Instagram in order to grow my following. Taking mini breaks has been really helpful to remind myself that social media will always be there and it’s a privilege to share, but I don’t have to dedicate time to it like a part time job if I don’t want to. It’s truly counterintuitive to being a blogger but I am considering a month-long hiatus or more in the New Year. We will see!

Did you make any “resolutions” this year? Have you been proud of yourself whether you accomplished everything or not?


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