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Feature Interview: Amy

November 14, 2019

After a little break from posting features, I’m so excited to share this powerful lady with you! She’s stylish and driven and such a natural born leader in the ethical fashion community. (She’s also currently hosting #mylowwasteholiday, which is definitely something you should check out on IG!) Read on for some inspiration!

Tell me a little about yourself? Who are you, where are you from / living, etc?

Hey what’s up!? I’m Amy, and I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in the city, and still live in the state, but just less congested and the same ol’ take out choices over and over again. I’m pretty chill for the most part, unless someone pisses me off – hey! it’s the New Yorker in me, I can’t control the urge, or my innate ability to tell someone to lay off, especially a NYC cab driver, or someone who shoves me in a crowded subway car, unapologetically. lol

On the bright side, I’m a very sarcastic person, love to laugh, and joke around, and that is the way I make light of things. You need to have some fun and can’t take everything so seriously, right? Aside from that, I’m a mama of 3, and yes! I’m old, but hey, I’ve lived a life that I’m proud of so far; I look forward to aging, and getting tons more gray hairs that I keep plucking, and no, I don’t think that myth is true – one hair pulled doesn’t give you more gray hairs. 🙂 My life right now consists of the kids’ school, soccer, and of course, Instagram, my passion for fashion, and speaking out about the things that impact climate change and our future.


I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 8 years old; however, I graduated with a Computer Science degree and ended up working as a Web Designer / Developer for over 15 years. I put my career on hold over 5 years ago, but freelance once in a while, and it’s been the right decision for us – this, of course, after working 5 years with 3 children. Nine hours of work, plus a 2-hour commute, makes for a long day in day-care. I know, crazy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though; I’ve experienced both worlds as a full-time working parent, and a stay-at-home, and can say that there are definitely pro’s and con’s with both, but the most important thing is being present in the moment and making those times meaningful and memorable.

How did you first get into ethical / sustainable fashion?

It’s been a gradual progression over a decade now, which started from eating healthier, quitting fast food, purchasing locally grown-seasonal produce – to using cloth diapers, purchasing environmentally-safe, sustainable baby products, composting, and switching to a vegan/vegetarian diet.

Our modest lifestyle has spared us from continuing the cycle of the impact we’d have if we were not consciously aware of how much waste we produce as a family. And of course, having kids means lots of clothes, and times 3, means

loads of donated grown-out clothing. Upon making our donations to a local church one day, I curiously wondered up to their clothing floor of the small, creaky, old house of a thrift shop to find other donated clothes for sale; funds used to give back to the church community. This is when I first discovered thrifting, a year ago, and with our already sustainable mindset, it was fitting to give thrifting a try.

As a child, I didn’t have as much clothes as my kids do now. They are constantly spoiled by grandparents gifting them new clothes. And having to look at the mess that’s produced in our closets has made me see the importance of having an intentional, curated closet of clothes that I already own; and quality, secondhand pieces that I can offer new life. It goes without saying, this journey has kept me from buying new, and I take pride knowing that I no longer have the urge to buy something I don’t need. It’s made me find my own style and forced me to be more creative and create looks that are not only trendy but sustainable.

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What’s something you really want other people to know about ethical / sustainable fashion?

It’s not a fad, it’s a reality, and it’s here to stay! Save your money, and invest in pieces that are of the best quality, and will last a long time. If you’re into trends, then purchase second hand. Remember the saying, “fashion is cyclical” – it sure is, and all the trends you see now, can be found at the thrifts or online secondhand websites. It’s a quick and easy transition, and once you’re in this mindset, you will definitely feel so good about it, and will never go back to purchasing fast fashion. And lastly, not only will you be appreciative of every piece of clothing in your closet, you won’t feel pressured to be so quick to buy that top you so desperately thought you needed.

Who are your inspirations (ethical fashion or otherwise)?

This sustainable life wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the love and support from my peeps on Instagram – thank you. And of course, the planet Earth, people and animals in real life, I aspire to do all this for, for them and their futures, and all others who deserve to live in a world free of pollution and waste.

Do you have any ethical brands you’d recommend or tips for how to find great thrifted pieces?

I don’t have any ethical brands I can recommend per say, as I haven’t had the need to purchase new of anything as of current, but I do need new bras and underwear soon, so I’m looking into sustainable and ethical options.

As for thrifting, I find awesome pieces at small thrift shops and consignment stores. For me, they carry more vintage classics, that are frankly hard to find in bigger donation centers.


What is one of your current favorite items of clothing you own?

My recent faves are anything high-waisted! Whether it’s a skirt, or a nice pair of denim jeans. Nothing makes me feel more confident and comfy than bottoms that I don’t have to keep tugging on! haha

What are you reading, listening to and/or watching right now?

I’m currently reading three books I borrowed from the library: ‘The Conscious Closet’ by Elizabeth L. Cline; ‘Influencer’ by Brittany Hennessy; and ‘Homemade Holiday: Craft your way through more than 40 festive projects’ by Sophie Pester & Catharina Bruns.

And as for watching, ha! Can you believe I rarely watch television? Yes, we have our Saturday family movie nights, but other than that, I haven’t binge watched any shows lately. I do, however, love romantic comedies, and recommend “Always Be My Maybe” on Netflix with Ali Wong – hilarious and oh so cute and hella romantic! I would watch “Friends” or “Seinfeld” but I watched so much of that show, that I practically remember all of the episodes – and time is precious these days.

Where can we find you? Share your blog, social media, interviews, etc!

You can find me on Instagram @littlealotamy, and also my secondary account, @littlealotbeauty.

My main account focuses on my slow fashion journey; sustainable lifestyle; health and nutrition. Since being on this platform, I have made it my mission to do more, as I’m more conscious of the influence I can make, and the people I can inspire. I will admit, it does take a lot of my time, but I’m dedicated and very passionate about what I aspire to do of my presence on Instagram. And although, I may not get paid for this, I do this because I don’t want our future generations to pay for this destruction we have caused to our planet. We owe it to our youth to do right by what we believe in and know. This is what I’m here for.

Littlealot Beauty is a product of something greater than featuring style accounts of people documenting their outfit of the days, barefaced, makeup free – it’s a message of accepting your natural beauty, embracing your flaws, and looking past those imperfections and seeing what a beautiful human being, you truly are.

After a short time here on social media, and watching tons of YouTube videos later, I felt the world can use some self-love, look beyond the vanity, and not be so glued on perfection and comparisons. It also hit me on a personal level, as I have children who will one day see all this, and what will they think of this? I want them to grow up to be confident citizens, and I want the world to show them that people of all colors, genders, and types, are beautiful in their unique form with or without makeup.

And of course, there’s only so much I can do on this platform, so I’m planning to start a blog site of my own. I have so much to offer and share, and I need a space to call home, an extension of my Instagram account where you’ll find more useful information and tools. It’s all still a work in progress at this point, but I’m excited for this new venture, and I hope you’ll join along.

Do yourself a favor and check out Amy on all her platforms!


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