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Feature Interview: Hannah

October 17, 2019

I’m so excited to share the lovely and sweet Hannah to you all today! She’s a thrifty cutie who shares her home decor as well as all her thrifted outfits on her page. She has a simple and refined style and is always sharing fun DIYs that are simple and practical. Read on to learn more about Hannah!

Tell me a little about yourself? Who are you, where are you from / living, etc?

I grew up in a small town near Denton, TX and am currently living in San Antonio, TX! I live with my husband of now almost a year and super sassy black cat named Boba. I’m an artsy fartsy DIY girl that always has a list of crafts in her head. I also love expressing myself through clothes, but in a super subtle, hardly-noticeable way lol (because hello awkwardness)! 

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How did you first get into ethical / sustainable fashion?

I started thrifting from an early age with my mom, sister and nana basically just because it was fun! And of course because it was cheap. My family is all about a bargain. I created my thrifting Instagram late last year as an outlet to share my finds, and from there was where I got plugged into the ethical community and learned so much about fast fashion, sustainable fabrics, etc, etc. I really give props to the sustainable fashion community on Instagram because I don’t have anyone in my life currently that outwardly shares these same beliefs and they keep me grounded, knowing I’m not just a crazy hippy! 

What’s something you really want other people to know about ethical / sustainable fashion? 

Ethical/sustainable fashion can be what you want it to be! It’s not this big scary word that has ramifications if you fail and don’t keep to certain standards. For me, sustainable fashion looks like thrifting almost all of my clothes at local thrift stores. But for others who don’t have much luck (my husband), it is okay to buy new, as long as you know it’s not just a phase.

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Today, there are so many platforms you can shop more sustainably and it’s just up to you to decide what you like! I think it’s also important to note that I’m not perfect and my sustainable habits aren’t either. I’ve never been one to have a capsule wardrobe, or keep my clothes until they fall apart. But through thrifting, reselling and repurposing, I can go through all of the phases that I want without being near as wasteful. It’s about being a conscious consumer, and in a world where it’s so easy to just brush something over your shoulder, knowing where your clothes came from and not contributing to the cycle is more important than ever. 

Who are your inspirations (ethical fashion or otherwise)? 

I recently stumbled onto a Youtube account called bestdressed and I could listen to her talk for hours! She’s around my age and an unapologetic millenial, but is open and honest about so many things. Her fashion style is literally that of her own, and I so admire that. She also up-cycles thrift finds, which are some of my favorite videos to watch! Other than that, my ladies on the Insta. 

Do you have any ethical brands you’d recommend or tips for how to find great thrifted pieces? 

I love my local thrift stores. I love the hunt and satisfaction of being able to find great pieces in the midst of crap. If you are one of these people, then my tip would be to find the local places that you like and go regularly! Including clothes, it’s insane how fast inventory is turned over and you never know what you’ll find. Also, be patient! It’ll take some time and maybe a bit of an arm workout, but really go through the racks, looking at each item individually.

It’s also very important that you don’t buy something just because it’s cheap! This is something that takes time and self-restraint, but if you don’t absolutely love it in the thrift store, you’re not going to love it at home. So take a second, clear your mind and think about how you’ll style it, or where you’ll put it because if you don’t have at least an idea, it’ll most likely end up in a random corner just contributing to clutter. o Also, on the opposite side of that statement, if you find something that’s not on your list, but you absolutely love it and is an insane find, seriously DON’T pass it up. That’s what thrifting is all about! You’ll find the coolest things when you least expect it, and you just gotta run with it. 

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What is one of your current favorite items of clothing you own? 

This is such a lame thing to be excited about, but I have a pair of jean shorts I got from Clothes Mentor for $9. They’re slightly big, but also stretchy so they’re literally so comfortable. They fit my booty so nicely and are the perfect, appropriate length. I feel like it’s so hard to find jean shorts that aren’t exposing my booty, but aren’t bermuda shorts, and it’s exciting to finally have found a pair (secondhand, not to mention) that I’ve been wanting and picturing forever. 

What are you reading, listening to and/or watching right now? 

So I love true crime. I’ve been listening to the ‘My Favorite Murder’ podcast for a while. I highly recommend it for road trips, these ladies are hilarious! I also just started watching the Mindy Project on Hulu. I absolutely love Mindy’s totally relatable innocent-yet-savage character. I’m a big Mindy Kaling fan. 

Where can we find you? Share your blog, social media, interviews, etc!

I am on Instagram @hannahthriftss ! Hit me up (I mean, if you want to), I love sharing all my thrift finds and tips there. It’s my creative outlet, so hop into my brain. I also have an Etsy shop called Sunny1OO where I sell all secondhand 100% natural fabric clothing!

Hannah is a gem, and I appreciate her thrifty ways and DIY tips! Check her out!


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