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Feature Interview: Chloe

August 9, 2019

We’re in the middle of the #ColorMyCloset challenge this week, which was created by none other than Chloe of @chloandclothes and I’m excited to share her interview with you this week! She has such a feminine and classic style and one of the first accounts I found when I started my ethical fashion journey. Read on learn more about her journey!

Tell me a little about yourself? Who are you, where are you from / living, etc?

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I’m Chloe! I’m from California but moved to Kentucky in 2017 for my husband’s graduate program. I work at Tailwind, a marketing automation platform for small businesses and absolutely LOVE it. Every day I’m helping bloggers and small businesses find success and accomplish their goals!

How did you first get into ethical / sustainable fashion?

I started an Instagram to sell my old clothes. In fact, the first ethical blogger I discovered was @Latina.Minimalista! I found her resale account first, then her style account! I loved her relaxed approach to style and shopping and have tried to maintain those same values as I’ve learned more about slow fashion. It was easy for me to get onboard because I’ve always loved thrifting. It wasn’t hard to make the switch!

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What’s something you really want other people to know about ethical / sustainable fashion?

You don’t have to do it one way, and there is no “end” to it. It’s a journey that will look different for different people. I love it because I am a more careful consumer, I am more content with what I have, and I now shop for my body instead of trying to make my body fit certain styles. I don’t hold myself to the same standards that other people do. I don’t always “shop ethically.” I try to be moderate in all areas of my life, stay educated, and maintain a healthy and realistic view of myself and my values. It’s truly an individual journey with various motivators. 

Who are your inspirations (ethical fashion or otherwise)?

I am inspired by unique, quirky, captivating ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Meg Ryan, and Taylor Swift and characters like Mrs. Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Charlotte “Chuck” Charles (Pushing Daisies). I love scrolling through my Pinterest boards dedicated to them when I am in a rut! 

Do you have any ethical brands you’d recommend or tips for how to find great thrifted pieces?

Nisolo! I wear their shoes almost every day. I also adore Christy Dawn and Rachel Pally! Two of my favorites right now. So feminine and delicate.

For thrifting, I always listen to music when I thrift. I treat it like I’m traveling… wandering around and exploring whatever feels right in that moment. I reach for interesting textures and patterns and try on a TON of items every time I go! I like to spend three hours thrifting once a month or two instead of more regularly because it tires me out!

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What is one of your current favorite items of clothing you own?

My Christy Dawn dresses. I think if I had 20 I would wear them every single day forever!

What are you reading, listening to and/or watching right now?

Reading: The Unhoneymooners
Listening: The Archer by T-Swift
Watching: Just finished Jane The Virgin… SO sad it’s over!

Where can we find you? Share your blog, social media, interviews, etc!

ChloAndClothes.com and ChloAndClothes on both Instagram and Pinterest 🙂

Check her out on her social platforms and follow along with the #ColorMyCloset challenge!



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