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How Much Have I Actually Spent on Thrifting?

July 2, 2019

Beyond the ability to opt out of fast fashion altogether, thrifting is an appealing option for not only me but for many other individuals for an obvious reason: it’s one of the least expensive options available. I feel guilty sometimes because when it comes to thrifting it can feel incredibly easy for me–I don’t care for most big brands and I haven’t since I was a teen (which I insufferably thought was a defining personality trait after watching scores of Manic Pixie Dream Girls in indie films). I prefer more simple, vintage looks instead of following each of the 52 trend filled seasons of fashion that are pumped out each year. I also have a deep aversion to having too much stuff, so in many ways I’m primed for the thrifty life.

IMG_1880.JPGOutfit Details: AUrate Obelisk Pendant (Gifted), Cream Tank (Goodwill), Roolee Pants (Threads of Tay), Vintage Dooney & Bourke

I’ve written at length about my ethical fashion journey so far, fast fashion brands I’m avoiding, and the dangers of greenwashing, but I’ve yet to really share the nitty gritty of what I’ve spent this year utilizing the ‘least expensive option’. Since I’m a glutton for comparing myself to “the average”, I did a bit of digging to create some sort of basis to see where I measure up (why am I like this??)

It was difficult to get a direct answer as I perused Google. I found a handful of different figures that give sort of a ballpark idea. According to a recent survey conducted of women’s shopping habits, “It appears most women, on average, will spend somewhere between $150 and $400 on clothing on a monthly basis, which equates to approximately $1,800 to $4,800 per year.” Credit Donkey states, “The average adult aged 25-34 spends $161 per month on clothing.” ($1,932 per year). 

With that loose standard in place, let’s trek on. Since I thrift so much online due to limited local in-store options it was easy to track how much I spent. I honestly think if I was able to do more in-person thrifting I’d have a lot more impressive $3, $6, $9 finds like so many ladies in this community but, this is my reality!


IMG_2517Outfit details: Madewell bandana, Madewell Summer Jeans, Vintage Dooney & Bourke, Sunglasses (Poshmark), Camisole (Goodwill), Sandals (Old fast fashion)

January 2019 (4 items)

1/11  –  Tan Silk Blouse – $16.50
1/21  –  Peach Tank – $13.50
1/21  –  Tradlands Sienna Tee – $26.50
1/25  –  Madewell Sumer Jeans – $46.50
Monthly Total: $103.00

February 2019 (7 items)
2/16 – Beige Top – $5.00
2/16 – Ruffle Top – $5.00
2/16 – Brown Pullover – $5.00
2/16 – Brown Cardigan – $5.00
2/16 – Ann Taylor Silk Button Up – $9.00
Threads of Tay:
2/22 –  Roolee Wide Leg Pants – $23
2/22  –  Madewell Silk Bandana – $24.50
Monthly Total: $76.50

March 2019 (3 items)
3/21  –  Vintage Rust Tank – $14.80
3/23  –  Mustard Maxi – $18.80
3/23 – Vintage Guess White Shorts – $26.70
Monthly Total: $60.30

April 2019 (0 items)
Monthly Total: $0.00

May 2019 (5 items)
5/01 – Vintage Lace Cami – $20
5/16 – Ann Taylor White Tank – $14.75
5/16 – LOFT Navy Blazer – $27.50
5/18 – Everlane High Rise Skinnies – $50
5/24 – Vintage Stripe Skirt – $26.50
Monthly Total: $138.75

June 2019 (9 items)
6/08 – Sunglasses – $17.50
6/08 – Gold Crescent Hoops – $17
6/22 – White Tee, Cream Tank, Cream Camisole – $12.00
6/29 – J. Crew Swimsuit Top, J. Crew White Blouse
Lavender Sundress – $18. 73
6/29 – Red Vintage Top – $16.75
Monthly Total: $81.98

Total Items Thrifted: 28
Current Yearly Total on July 1st: $460.53

I have to confess it’s a little bit more than I would have thought but it breaks down to about $75 per month and I’m actually pretty proud of that! Doing the #Sustainapril challenge was a really big help, and I think I’ll do another month where I don’t shop even secondhand to help focus myself more. I’d like to do a more recent count/report of my capsule since things have changed since I evaluated it back in February.

Have you ever tracked how much you thrift or spend on clothing?

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